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Where Are Gibson Guitars Made? Everything You Need to Know

The name Gibson is well-known among guitar enthusiasts. They are renowned for producing some of the most famous electric guitars in history, with the Gibson Les Paul being the most well-known example.

So where are Gibson guitars made? In a nutshell, Gibson Guitars are only produced in the United States. These guitars are made by Gibson in three different factories in Nashville, Memphis, and Bozeman, Montana.

An extensive breakdown of the locations where Gibson guitars are made can be found in this guide.

Gibson Guitars: Background Information

An American company called Gibson Brands, Inc. produces guitars and other musical instruments. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, they manufacture audio equipment for professionals. Formerly known as the Gibson Guitar Corporation, this guitar manufacturer now has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

They acquired the name “Gibson Brands, Inc.” on Orville Gibson, the founder, began creating musical instruments as early as 1894. He is well known for building archtop guitars. Flat-top acoustic guitars were also being made by the company by the 1930s.

The best guitarists in the world play Gibson guitars, some of which are among the most well-known in the world. Gibson is committed to remaining at the forefront of guitar production for years to come, offering excellent acoustic and hollow-body electric guitars.

Where Are Gibson Guitars Made?

All genuine Gibson guitars, as was already mentioned, are produced here. Depending on the make and model, they produce guitars in a variety of factories, but rest assured that every Gibson guitar is made in the United States.

Gibson’s Nashville, Tennessee headquarters is where all of the company’s solid body and semi-hollow body guitars, including the Les Paul, SG, and ES-335 models, are produced.

Gibson guitars

The Gibson ES-335 and other models with hollow and semi-hollow bodies are produced in Gibson’s additional plant in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Bozeman, Montana, factory that produces Gibson acoustic guitars is where all of them are made.

The highest quality guitars are typically those that are made in the United States. To ensure the highest quality for their prestigious brand, Gibson guitars are only produced in the United States. Like many other well-known guitar manufacturers, they don’t mass produce Gibson-branded instruments abroad. Instead, Gibson has purchased additional subsidiary brands to mass produce guitars abroad, even though they do not bear the Gibson logo.

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Are Gibson Guitars Made in China?

No, genuine Gibson guitars are not produced in China. Due to the prestige of the Gibson name, only the highest-quality guitars produced in the United States bear the Gibson logo.

Gibson, however, recognized that the majority of people couldn’t afford their American-made guitars, so they created their subsidiary brand, Epiphone, which does produce guitars in China. Epiphone has successfully entered the affordable market.

It’s likely that you have seen Epiphone guitars if you have ever visited a guitar store. Their instruments have a design that is almost identical to that of genuine Gibson guitars, but they are much less expensive. Because labor and material costs are so much lower in China, where Epiphone’s guitars are mass-produced, this is the case. Gibson uses this method to produce guitars in China that are more accessible and affordable for the majority of people while upholding the prestige of the Gibson name on their American-made instruments.

It may be a replica Gibson made in China if you see a guitar with the Gibson logo stamped on it but it feels cheap. Due to their widespread appeal, Gibson Les Paul guitars are among the most frequently imitated guitars. Many people refer to these guitars as “Chibson” guitars, short for “Chinese Gibson.” Usually, you can find these floating around on online stores like Ali Express. These guitars are not genuine Gibson goods; rather, they are replicas made in China.

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Are Gibson Guitars Handmade?

One question I often get asked is, “Are Gibson guitars made by hand?” Many people believe that because Gibson guitars are made in the United States and are so expensive, they are handcrafted rather than being mass-produced in a factory.

What exactly you mean by “handmade” will determine the answer to this query.

Gibson guitars are generally handcrafted in the sense that all of the parts are put together and finished by hand, which means that the instrument is handled much more manually than mass-produced guitars from other countries.

Gibson does, however, use a CNC machine to automate the process of cutting out the wood for the individual pieces of the guitar in order to produce a quantity of guitars sufficient to meet demand.

Since machinery is used to cut out the guitar’s individual components, even though the guitar is hand-assembled and inspected to ensure maximum quality, the entire process is not done by hand.

Is Gibson Guitars a Good Brand?

Despite the recent financial difficulties Gibson has experienced, such as filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, I would still say that Gibson is a good brand because they have been making guitars since the beginning.

Whether they play the guitar or not, there is probably not a single person in the world who hasn’t heard of Gibson from a branding standpoint. Even my grandmother, who has never played a musical instrument in her life, could recognize a Gibson guitar.

The electric guitar and rock music in general were truly invented by Gibson. Next to Fender, they rank among the most recognizable guitar brands in history.

The Les Paul, SG, ES-335, Explorer, and Flying V are still among the most popular guitars today (and have been cloned by just about every other brand), and the brand has produced a number of other iconic guitar shapes over the years.

Gibson has established itself as among the best guitar brands in history, regardless of category.

Are Gibson Guitars Good?

So, given everything, how good are Gibson guitars? Gibson guitars were unquestionably the best of the best in 1957, but how do they hold up today?

The guitar market is characterized by intense competition. There are countless options available.

Even though Gibsons made in America have excellent build quality and tone, some critics criticize the company for its lack of innovation.

Although a part of the appeal of Gibson guitars is their vintage appearance, you won’t find many differences between a Les Paul from 1957 and one from 2021. The headstock angle, tuning stability, and playability are some fundamental flaws that haven’t changed in more than 60 years!

In recent years, Gibson guitars have also developed a reputation for having some quality control problems, which is not what you would expect from a top-of-the-line American-made guitar, especially when you consider the price.

Many of the drawbacks that Gibson Guitars have been infamous for have been modernized and enhanced by other guitar brands, like PRS.

However, Gibson guitars aren’t in any way subpar. Because of their recognizable tone, which is unmatched by anything else, many well-known guitarists continue to swear by Gibson guitars.

How Much Do Gibson Guitars Cost?

As with all premium guitar brands, Gibson guitars are expensive…

Gibson guitars typically range in price from $1,500 or more on the low end to $5,000 or more on the high end. For the majority of their most well-known guitars, like a Gibson Les Paul Standard or a Gibson ES-335, you should budget between $2,500 and $3,000 on average.

What makes Gibson guitars so costly?

Gibson guitars are made in the United States, which is the primary factor in their high price. Because labor costs in the United States are significantly higher than those in other countries, American-made guitars will always cost more than guitars made elsewhere. High-quality woods, electronics, hardware, and finishes are also used in Gibson guitars, which raises the price.


Where Are Epiphone Guitars Made?

Epiphone guitars are manufactured in Gibson’s Chinese-based Qingdao factory. Since 2004, the majority of Epiphone’s musical instruments, including their solid-body, hollow-body, and acoustic guitars, have been produced solely in this facility.

Where Are Fender Guitars Made?

Fender guitars, amplifiers and basses have always been made in California (except for the low priced Squier line), despite the business moving its corporate headquarters to Arizona.

Are Any Gibson Guitars Made in China?

No, as of right now, every genuine guitar that has ever carried the Gibson brand name was made in America. Nevertheless, some guitars for the sub-brands of Gibson, including Epiphone and Kramer, are produced in China. However, those guitars don’t bear the Gibson brand.


When it comes to making guitars, Gibson sets the bar high. Some of their best designs, like Gibson SG and Gibson Les Paul, have inspired other guitar brands to manufacture guitars that look similar in style and construction.

In summary, In their factories in Nashville, Memphis, or Bozeman, Gibson produces all of its guitars domestically. Since they are American made guitars, you can bet that they are some of the highest quality guitars available today. Epiphone, a Gibson subsidiary brand, creates less expensive Gibson guitars that are produced in China.

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