Shanghai Vs New York

Shanghai Vs New York: What Are the Differences?

Shanghai vs New York might seem like completely different cities with nothing in common, but in actuality, these two cities share many features.

A vibrant, hip, and contemporary port city is Shanghai. There are a ton of things to do and amazing things to do in this enormous city. A diverse, unique, and energetic city, New York City is cosmopolitan.

Many of the parallels and discrepancies between Shanghai and New York are discussed in this article.


Despite only having 302.643 square miles of land, New York is technically 468.484 square miles in size. The remaining area is made up entirely of water that is regarded as being a part of New York.

On the other hand, Shanghai is made up of about 269 square miles of water and 2,448 square miles of land.

World Location

Shanghai Vs New York

New York is located on the eastern seaboard of the The five boroughs of Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx make up the United States.

Parts of the city are spread across three islands, and the city is encircled by the Atlantic Ocean. The city of New York is located at the mouth of the Hudson River, and the East, Harlem, and Bronx rivers divide its various boroughs from one another.

Shanghai, which is in The East China Sea runs along China’s coastline, which is also on the coast. Both the old and new parts of Shanghai exist.

Often referred to as the city’s beating heart, the older neighborhood known as the Bund is full of structures from the colonial era.

Across the Huangpu River is the newer area known as the Pudong District, which is populated by contemporary structures that almost have a futuristic appearance.


About 24,890,116 people called Shanghai home as of 2021. In 2020, New York had an estimated population of 8,804,190.

Cost of Living

The average cost of living in New York, which is frequently regarded as one of the most expensive cities in the country, is roughly $1,370 per month for a single person.

Although this figure might not seem astronomical, it only accounts for expenses like groceries and utilities and excludes rent or mortgage payments.

Shanghai’s cost of living, not including rent or mortgage payments, is nearly half that of New York’s, despite the fact that real estate or renting a property there is more expensive.

Typically, a single person’s monthly living expenses come to about $740.


In New York, the median annual income is about $66,000, or $1,270 per week.

The typical weekly wage in Shanghai is around $425. This results in an annual income of about $20,400 on average. The minimum weekly wage is approximately $93.50.


In Shanghai, Shanghainese is the language that is most frequently used. It’s believed that the language is a form of Wu Chinese.

Shanghai also has a large population that speaks English and Mandarin Chinese.

People from all over the country and the world visit or settle in New York City, which is home to a wide variety of cultures and races.

This indicates that the city is multilingual. Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Cantonese, German, French, Hindi, Greek, and Punjabi are also widely spoken, though English is by far the most widely used language worldwide.


Some people may be surprised to learn that New York’s climate is subtropical rather than temperate. This indicates that winter temperatures typically remain above 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures in the summer typically range from 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The region experiences between seven and eight days of snow or rain on average each month, but even the majority of days without precipitation have a high humidity index.

Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate, just like New York. Temperatures frequently drop below freezing during the winter, making it quite chilly.

The summers are warm, averaging between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The spring and summer months bring more rain to the city, with up to 10 days of rain in June.

There are typically only four or five days of rain or snow per month during the fall and winter.


One of the best things about New York is the incredible variety of food options available. In New York City, there are a huge variety of ethnic foods.

Pizza, seafood, bagels, cheesecake, and meats prepared in the New York style, such as pastrami, salami, and corned beef, are some of the city’s most well-liked dishes.

The best cuisines in all of China, according to some, can be found in Shanghai. Seafood (crab and lobster), dumplings, chicken, pork, and duck are a few of the most well-liked dishes.

Rice and noodles are also widely consumed.


New York makes it simple for its residents and visitors to get around, even if they don’t own a car. The city is renowned for having first-rate bus and subway systems.

People also enjoy biking and walking, or they can ride in one of the city’s iconic yellow cabs.

Shanghai has a sizable bus network and a quick and affordable metro system, making it similar to New York in that it’s relatively simple to get around the city.

Users can quickly and easily pay for all of the fares on various transportation systems with a Shanghai Public Transportation Card.

In addition to walking or biking to nearby destinations, many people in the city also use taxis.


New York With more than 1,700 schools serving more than 1 million students, City is home to one of the largest public school systems in the world.

However, there are disparities in the rankings of the schools in this system, with some being among the best and others among the worst in the nation.

The city is renowned for its many colleges, including a number of esteemed universities. Schools like Cornell Tech, the New York Institute of Technology, and The Julliard School are well-known not just in the United States but also abroad.

More than 930 kindergartens, 850 middle schools, and 1,200 primary schools make up Shanghai’s school system.

The city is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the world, including Tongji University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Fudan University. Many students go on to pursue higher education.

In order to open NYU Shanghai in the city, New York University partnered with East China Normal University.

Final Thoughts on Shanghai Vs New York

Skyscrapers that resemble floating ships are a common sight in cities. Indeed, Shanghai, just like New York City has one of the most recognizable skylines in the entire world.

Each city is distinct and fascinating due to a number of key differences.

In short, if you love the “campus without walls” vibe in You will fall head over heels in love with Shanghai, New York City.

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