Why is McDonald’s So Popular? 9 Reasons Explained

Given that McDonald’s is the second-largest fast-food restaurant in the world, it is clear that their food is delicious and that customers of all ages love it.

Have you begun to wonder why is McDonald’s so popular? McDonald’s uses only beef, chicken, and fish in its burgers and sandwiches, which is why it is so good. To preserve flavors and freshness, McDonald’s also flash freezes its food products.

You can learn the top 10 reasons why it is so great by continuing to read.

Reasons Why McDonald’s So Popular

Continue reading to learn more about McDonald’s and the other factors that make it so great.

1. The Prices Are Low

McDonald’s devotees can indulge without blowing their budgets out of the water thanks to the $1 $2 $3 menu. Due to its astounding affordability, this menu is intended to attract customers.

Because they believe it to be more economical, some parents choose to feed their children from this menu rather than purchasing Happy Meals for them. Items on the $1 $2 $3 menu occasionally change. As of May 2019, according to data from the official USA McDonald’s website, any size soft drinks are offered for just a dollar and small specialty McCafe beverages can be purchased for just a few dollars. $1 $2 $3 dollar menu items vary by location, so check and see what’s on offer at your local McDonald’s eateries.

Additionally, there are Extra Value Meals, which draw repeat business. A two-burrito meal is also available for breakfast, along with McMuffin, McGriddle, and Biscuit combos. Small McCafe coffees and crispy Hash Browns are included with breakfast extra value meals. There are eight combo meals available for any other time of the day, such as 2-Cheeseburger meals, Filet-O-Fish meals, Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich meals, and many more. Late at night, not all of these Extra Value Meals may be available at all locations.

Because McDonald’s wants to concentrate on providing items that its staff can prepare quickly, the late-night menu has been slightly reduced. Everything at McDonald’s is reasonably priced. The regular menu is not overly expensive, and the Extra Value Meals and $1, $2, and $3 Dollar Menu are both reasonable in price. This restaurant cultivates patron loyalty by providing filling meals and inexpensive, delicious beverages.

2. There Are Tons of Franchises

McDonald’s was founded by two American brothers from New Hampshire, but it didn’t really take off until Ray Kroc, a traveling salesman, persuaded the two brothers to sell franchises in the 1950s. This fascinating story of epic business success was told in the Netflix biopic, “Founder”. There are now almost 37,000 Mickey D’s franchises spread across a hundred different countries.

One of these franchises will cost between $1 million and $2 2 million to own, according to, in addition to additional liquid capital. According to, prospective franchisees are required to put down a quarter of the total cost of the restaurants in cash. Up to seven years may be used to finance the remaining balance.

Although it does not offer financing options, McDonald’s suggests lenders it has ties to. Due to the lenders’ desire to maintain strong and positive business relationships with McDonald’s, they provide franchise buyers with attractive interest rates. Consequently, how much money do franchise owners make annually? I think that’s a fascinating question. Most McDonald’s franchises earn between $500,000 and $1,000,000 annually, according to

American McDonald’s franchises that have been operating for at least a year may earn up to $2.6 million annually. Actually, Chick-Fil-A franchises make more money than McDonald’s franchises, but the majority of Mickey D’s franchises are still successful enterprises.

3. Food Safety and Food Quality is Really Consistent

McDonald’s takes a very scientifically sound and rigorous approach to food safety and quality. When it comes to ensuring the highest level of food safety and quality, this fast food juggernaut takes no chances. It should come as no surprise that one of the secrets to the success of this fast food chain, Mickey D’s, which generates billions of dollars in revenue annually, is food safety.


The eateries that people frequent must be trustworthy. In order for them to return, they must have faith in the quality and safety of the food. The majority of McDonald’s patrons do have confidence in the restaurant’s quality and safety of its food. Since McDonald’s quality assurance and food safety program is at the center of its business operations, they ought to. The corporate VIPs of the fast food franchise view it as a top priority. Franchise owners and suppliers who wish to continue doing business with McDonald’s Corp. must abide by strict standards for food safety and quality.

Consistency is the key to success in the fast food industry. Customers want a fantastic, consistent experience every single time. Examining the buns used to make Mickey D’s burgers will demonstrate how McDonald’s values food quality and safety. McDonald’s has developed business ties with twenty American bakeries in order to obtain these sandwich buns.

These bakeries must create sandwich buns that are uniform in terms of color, flavor, size, and texture. Buns are unable to deviate from the standard. More than just the uniformity of their baked sandwich buns should be a concern for the bakeries making these buns. Food safety is another issue that they must consider. The rules for food safety are very strict. Over the years and decades, every well-known fast food chain will experience a few food safety issues.

In response to a significant horse meat scandal in the UK in 2013, McDonald’s voluntarily offered to test its burgers, and those tests revealed that they were 100% free of horse meat. China’s scandal was a little less clear-cut. It centered on a meat supplier who shipped the meat to McDonald’s and KFC locations in China after reusing meat that had dropped onto the floor of the meat-packing facility. In a flash, McDonald’s and KFC broke off their business relationship with the supplier. The food at McDonald’s generally tastes the same and the company has a stellar record for food safety.

4. The Brand is Strong

To emphasize that McDonald’s is a powerful brand, we don’t need to use a lot of business figures or marketing speak. This is true, and everyone knows it.

The Golden Arches or Ronald McDonald’s slightly eerie face, crowned by an extravagant head of unnaturally red hair, come to mind when we think of McDonald’s. We could close our eyes and allow mental images of Grimace and the Hamburglar to float by. We may have an image of young children enjoying Happy Meals and using the toys that come with them. We might consider McDonald’s PlayPlaces, where kids can play and host loud birthday celebrations.

We may envision chicken nuggets with our preferred dipping sauces, special sauce, golden French fries, or special sauce. Maybe we’d mull over the “Billions served” catchphrase. We might daydream about the yearly Shamrock Shake, with its vanilla creaminess, green color, and smoky freshness. The term, “McLovin’ It”, might come to mind and conjure a smile.

There are so many different marketing messages for this brand. The McDonald’s brand is deeply ingrained in culture. Whether we like it or not, it’s ingrained in each and every one of our minds.

5. The Menu Evolves Regularly, But Core Menu Items Remain

McDonald’s leaders are aware that customers will continue to choose to eat and drink from the core menu items year after year, so they are willing to occasionally take some risks with it in order to shake things up. Most likely, neither the Quarter Pounder with Cheese nor the inability to order an apple pie will result in their removal from the menu. McDonald’s is aware of what consumers desire.

When the fast food chain experiments with its menu, it frequently introduces items that are available for a brief period of time—like McRib sandwiches—and that pique the interest and create some drama among its clientele. According to, the popular McRib was briefly brought back in 2018. Although this Mickey D’s sandwich has been around since the early 1980s, it isn’t always available.

Fans rush into McDonald’s restaurants when the McRib is offered. The McRib is a good illustration of how McDonald’s innovates while maintaining the standards of its menu. The pork used to make the McRib is boneless and seasoned. It is served on a hoagie bun that has been perfectly toasted and has a BBQ-inspired sauce, along with onions and dill pickles. McDonald’s occasionally has interesting menu items, such as Shamrock Shakes, Big Mac Bacon sandwiches, and unique dipping sauces for McNuggets, like Spicy Buffalo. Burger King, on the other hand, frequently offers bizarre and hilarious food, such as a Halloween Whopper with a pitch-black bun that caused people to pass green poop and another spooky Whopper that would increase the likelihood of nightmares.

While some menu options are permanent, others are temporary. McDonald’s improved the nutritional value of Happy Meals by including salads. Because people don’t frequently purchase the healthiest items at McDonald’s, this was more of a public relations stunt.

6. The Company Promotes from Within

It’s a wise business move that has kept the McDonald’s fast food chain successful to let people climb the corporate ladder starting at the bottom rung. According to, anyone who is capable, diligent, and committed to taking the initiative can advance in a managerial position at McDonald’s.

This company has a reputation for internal promotions. One year a fry maker, the next year a manager of a restaurant. This company makes it a point to reward its top performers by providing them with fresh, better-paying opportunities. Promoting from within is undoubtedly beneficial for morale. When top positions are taken by individuals who are not already a part of their organizations, employees are frequently shocked and furious.

Employees adore having a chance at positions that will advance them in the organization. One amusing and interesting fact is that half of all McDonald’s franchise owners were once employed by McDonald’s restaurants. Prior to joining management, half of senior and middle management held entry-level positions at fast food restaurants. Clearly, McDonald’s has found a business strategy that encourages employees to work hard and stay motivated. McDonald’s also provides scholarships and other rewards.

7. Charitable Activities Earn McDonald’s Goodwill

Families can gather in a safe place at a Ronald McDonald House while their children go through difficult medical procedures. Ronald McDonald, the endearing clown mascot of the fast food franchise, is the official chairman of Ronald McDonald House facilities. This McDonald’s charity enables families with sick children to receive the necessary medical care. At extremely trying times in their lives, it also offers families support and solace.

Currently, there are 64 regions and countries around the world with Ronald McDonald House locations. This organization, also known as RMHC for short, was created to support families through extremely trying times. The Ronald McDonald Houses, as well as Ronald McDonald Family Rooms and Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles, are the main initiatives of this admirable charity. This charity has annually assisted millions of families.

The homes are close to medical facilities. They are comfortable settings with all the necessary amenities. In hospitals, you can find the family rooms. Families can unwind in the rooms while their loved ones are in the hospital. Children receive crucial health services from the Care Mobiles, including eye exams. It would take a pretty cynical person to criticize this charity. It has benefited countless families. While dining at McDonald’s, you can make a charitable donation.

Utilizing the digital kiosks is a simple way to go about it. The touch screen is used to place your food order. You will be requested to make a small donation to the Ronald McDonald House before you pay for your order. Say yes, then enjoy helping families in general.

8. Kids Love the Happy Meals and PlayPlaces

Over the years, Happy Meals have undergone some minor changes. The calorie content of earlier Happy Meals sparked some controversy. Some meals, like the now-defunct Cheeseburger Happy Meal, were eliminated because they contained more than 600 calories.

For kids, these were thought to be too many calories in a meal. As a formal menu item for Happy Meals, chocolate milk was also eliminated. Cheeseburgers and chocolate milk are still available with Happy Meals if parents request them, but they are no longer part of the standard Happy Meal menu. In addition, healthier sides like yogurt and apple slices with caramel dipping sauce were added. Juice, low-fat milk, and water are now available as drinks.

The issue still involves toys. Kids can access entertaining little toys with their meals. As of May 2019, the action figures are from Avengers: End Game.

In some McDonald’s restaurants, but not all, you can find McDonald’s PlayPlaces, which are still very popular. They have slides and other entertaining play equipment. While their parents or other caregivers unwind, kids can let off steam in PlayPlaces.

9. Cross-selling Boosts Order Sizes and Profits

The counter staff at McDonald’s is encouraged to cross-sell whenever possible because doing so increases profits for the fast food chain by getting customers to order more menu items or larger quantities of existing items like drinks and fries. Don’t blame your server for trying to persuade you to order more than you intended because cross-selling is a legitimate strategy.

Your server is simply carrying out orders. McDonald’s instructs its staff in the art and science of successful cross-selling because it understands how to increase profits through cross-selling. Other menu options may be the ideal finishing touches, and even the automated ordering kiosks are programmed to make suggestions.

10. Menus Are Customized to Suit Different Areas

McDonald’s menus change based on local and national preferences. Rice dishes may be served in Asia. The Diner Double Beef Burger, which includes two beef patties, a sunny-side-up egg, onion, pepper steak sauce, and cheese, is sold in Japan. Because international McDonald’s menu items are so popular, McDonald’s recently announced that it would be bringing World Favorites to its American menus.

Isn’t that intriguing and new? The new international menu items will be introduced at USA Mickey D’s locations over the course of the summer, claims the website A Dutch Stroopwafel McFlurry and Spain’s Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger are two awesome international menu items to look forward to. There is bad news in addition to the excitement and media commotion that these new menu items will cause.

McDonald’s will stop selling “Signature Crafted” burgers. These expensive menu items were simply not popular with customers. While experimenting with its menu, McDonald’s continues to serve the tried-and-true items. This fast food chain is a sleek, effective machine that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

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Why is Mcdonald’s So Cheap?

Keeping its wages low, McDonald’s is able to maintain a workforce that allows its food to be cheap which allows it a scale that equals big profits.

Why is Mcdonald’s Advertising So Successful?

McDonald’s knows that its strengths don’t lie in the quality of the food – they lie in areas such as familiarity, value and convenience.

What is So Special About McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has a lot of positive qualities. Some of the most recognizable menu items are offered by the international fast food chain, including the mouthwateringly juicy Big Mac and the legendary French fries. After all, there’s a reason we get upset when we learn not every McDonald’s is open 24 hours—we want it all the time.


When a company uses 100% real beef, pork, and chicken to prepare its renowned menu items, it is easy to see why McDonald’s is so good.

Furthermore, a restaurant goes above and beyond to guarantee quality by using natural beef flavoring in their french fries and flash-freezing their products to lock in flavor at the processing plant.

Last but not least, McDonald’s can track every stage of the production of its food products, from the farm to the store, enabling the business to quickly identify and fix issues.

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