Is Burberry Made in China? Everything You Need To Know

Are you a Burberry LOVER? One of the most recognizable fashion companies in the world, Burberry is known for its patented check pattern. The British company has long been associated with elegance and luxury.

Is Burberry made in China? Italy, England, Scotland, and China are some of the nations that produce Burberry.

Most Burberry products, including clothing for men, women, and children, as well as leather goods, are produced in the brand’s factory in Scandicci, an Italian town close to Florence. You will learn more about them in this article.

Are Burberry Items Made in China?

Numerous Burberry products are made in China. Notably, their Gold Line as well as numerous small bags and accessories are produced there. A “Made in China” tag on Wearing Burberry clothing is not a cause for concern on its own.

Even though everyone would prefer that everything be produced in Italy and England, this is simply not possible.

Burberry has actually been producing its products abroad for quite some time.

When Burberry closed one of its factories and relocated it to China, I recall there was a big uproar in England. I’m sorry to say it, but when I worked on 7th Avenue in New York City in the 1980s and 1990s, the majority of the businesses there moved their manufacturing operations to China or South Korea. Everything from clothing to automobiles now uses global sourcing as a standard practice.

Burberry is still a reputable well-made designer brand produced all over the world despite the dispersion of the factories.

The place Burberry is manufactured is not a sign of its authenticity or caliber. Extremely high-quality products are made in China, while other (equal-quality) products are made in the USA. Yes, there are many different ways to tell from their labels, including how they are attached to the clothing, the fabric’s quality, the style, and many other factors, but please don’t assume anything when you are unsure and are not an expert.

Making assumptions can harm your reputation as a seller, the reputation of the person you are buying from, or it can cause you to leave something valuable on the rack while sourcing.

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Where is Burberry Made?

Different nations, including Italy, England, Scotland, and China, produce Burberry products.

The majority of Burberry products, including women’s, men’s, and leather goods, are made in the brand’s factory in Scandicci, Italy, which is close to Florence.


The Castleford Mill and the Keighley Mill are both locations where Burberry conducts manufacturing. As well as some fabrics for accessories like shoes and bags, this is where the check lining fabrics and the Heritage trench coat are produced.

The vintage mills of Elgin and Ayr in Scotland are where Burberry’s cashmere scarves are produced. Thirty different production steps are taken in the making of each scarf by 18 artisans.

China is where some goods are produced. So, if you come across a Burberry product with a “Made in China” tag, no need to be alarmed. Though it can be difficult to authenticate items because of the prevalence of counterfeits. If you’re unsure, we advise you to speak with an authority, such as Jenna Padilla and Anastacia Bouzeneris of Real Authentication.

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Are Burberry Bags Manufactured in China Good?

Burberry isn’t a traditional brand, but the handbag elite has fallen in love with the company.

Thomas Burberry, then 21 years old, founded Burberry in Basingstoke in 1852.

The company has focused on hand-crafting bags and other accessories using unique materials ever since it was founded.

Because of this, the goods produced under this brand are quite pricey and considered to be luxurious.

So, to answer your question, Burberry bags, including those produced in China, are of high quality.

Trend of Moving Production from West to the East

Burberry is just one of many luxury companies shifting some of their manufacturing from expensive nations like the UK to less expensive nations like China and other Asian nations.

In comparison to what other south-east Asian countries can offer, China is no longer a cheap place for brands to produce their goods.

Burberry made it clear that keeping all of the production in the UK would not be financially feasible. The production of simpler clothing, like t-shirts and jeans, appears to be better and more affordable in the east.


Is Burberry Made in the UK?

Yes, some Burberry items are manufactured in the UK, like the extremely popular trench coat. The brand makes an effort to convey its British appeal, but the majority of its products are made elsewhere. Superdry is another English fashion label that manufactures outside of the UK.

Is Burberry Made in Italy?

Yes, Burberry declares that they own a center of excellence for leather goods in Scandicci, Italy. It includes all processes, including prototyping and production coordination.

Many Burberry items on their website have in the product description “Made in Italy”, especially when accessories like belts, bags, hats, and scarves (except the Classic Cashmere Scarf) are exclusively made in Italy. The brand appears proud to list Italy as a major manufacturer, and you also own a lot of clothing that was made in Italy.

Is Burberry Made in China Original?

Yes, all Burberry items with the label “made in China” purchased on Genuine Burberry merchandise can be found on the brand’s website or in respectable stores. Additionally, there should be no rips or pulls in the fabric.

Where Are Burberry Scarves Made?

Burberry scarves are made in I checked the product details for every scarf on the Burberry website after opening it in Italy. All said “Made in Italy”, even the cashmere ones. The Classic Cashmere Scarf from Scotland appears to be the exception.

Where is Burberry Perfume Made?

Burberry perfumes are made majority in But you also have some made in Germany, along with France and Spain. An aftershave is produced in Monaco.

Where is Burberry Trench Coat Made?

The Burberry trench coats are made in Britain’s Castleford.

Are Burberry Shirts Made in China?

s and no. The casual shirts have “Imported” (According to the product descriptions, they are “made in China.” But dress shirts are produced in Italy.

Conclusion: Where Are Burberry Make?

Burberry does, however, only partially produce its products in China. In Scotland and the UK, the traditional trench coat is still produced using a labor-intensive process.

I am not naive; I knew Burberry would manufacture many of its products in Asia, as did other luxury brands. The biggest surprise is to know that most of Burberry’s products are made in Italy and not in the UK. According to what I understand, Burberry hardly ever produces anything within its own nation. The company likes to create the idea “it’s British made,” but it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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