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Is It Safe To Buy Products From China? Facts To Know

Concerned about the safety of purchasing goods from China?

The idea that Chinese goods are poor quality and subpar has persisted for a very long time. This is not at all the case, though. Due to China’s modernization, manufacturers can now produce goods of the highest caliber at the most competitive prices, propelling them to the top of the manufacturing sector.

It is very safe to buy products from China, but it is important for the buyer to have the right information about the process of buying safely. Like everywhere else in the world, China is home to a wide variety of manufacturers. Some can be trusted, while others cannot. Everything depends on the person you’re speaking with.

Let’s get started. This article will cover every significant aspect of safe purchasing from China.

Should You Buy Products From China?

It’s not a matter of whether an idea is good or bad. Whether there are additional options is the key question. See, if you must purchase a product made exclusively in China, there are no other options; otherwise, I wouldn’t even think about doing so. But why would anyone purchase subpar goods if Chinese goods are superior to others in quality?

How To Buy Products Safely From China?

There are numerous ways to purchase safely from China despite these difficulties. Simply learn a few insider secrets to make it work. Here are a few to be aware of.

1. Working With Reliable Suppliers To Buy Products From China

Finding dependable and trustworthy suppliers is the first thing you should do for your company. To do this, look through the supplier directory and get in touch with individual companies to learn more about their background and credentials. Another option is to speak with someone who has a lot of experience dealing with suppliers.

These are a few things to keep in mind when searching for dependable suppliers.

  • Great credentials
  • Extensive business history
  • Many years of experience
  • Good customer reviews
  • English-speaking and comprehension skills.

Keep working with the suppliers you find once they satisfy these criteria. Constantly switching suppliers can harm your business and waste time.

You should order samples before signing a contract as another way to find long-term suppliers. Ask each supplier for a sample of the products you want after making a list of those who seem reliable. By doing this, you can be sure that you can choose only the top suppliers from the group.

2. Visiting The Factory When Buying Products From China

Since the manufacturing process is where it all starts, it is crucial to check in with the factory when your products are still in the design phase to ensure they are exactly what you want. There are many variables involved in this.

You must first clearly communicate to the manufacturer all the product specifications. Even seemingly insignificant details should be included, such as the product’s materials, parts, components, design, color, function, and finish.

This will guarantee that your products are as high-quality as you desire.

Second, you can guarantee the products’ quality while they are being produced. You can confirm the materials used in the product’s construction in addition to the design.

It’s up to you to effectively communicate the cost, material quality, and production process.

Thirdly, looking at the manufacturing will give you a better understanding of how your products are created and put together. By doing this, you’ll gain more business experience, which will be beneficial to you in the future.

Additionally, since the Chinese manufacturers will be aware of your level of involvement, they will be motivated to work harder.

3. Buying Products From Reliable Online Websites

Only purchase from trustworthy and secure e-commerce websites to ensure good quality products, safety, security, and smooth transaction. This will also help to reduce the risk of scams. In addition to buyer protection, these have safety controls.

The e-commerce market in China is growing quickly, and platforms like Alibaba make it easy for foreign customers to order products from other countries with just a single click.

Before disclosing information about Chinese online wholesale marketplaces, EJET published numerous blogs. To learn more about how to purchase from the Top 8 Chinese wholesale websites, please click on the links below.

4. Performing The 3rd Party Supplier Audit

When you have a shortlist of vendors, you should think about hiring a third party to conduct an impartial audit and inspection of these vendors. Check their credentials, work history, and reviews before selecting a reputable and trustworthy company for this.

A third-party audit will confirm that the supplier’s products fully adhere to all quality controls, tests, functional requirements, and standards. You will receive a thorough and in-depth evaluation of every facet of the supplier.

This has the benefit of allowing the audit company to check details that you might overlook if you attempted this on your own. You can assess whether the supplier did their job correctly once you’ve received the review.

In that case, you can carry on working with them. If not, you can pick a different vendor. Therefore, it makes sense to spend money on hiring a third-party audit firm.

5. Performing The Right Quality Control

Of course, quality must be maintained at every stage of the process, including manufacturing, supplying, and shipping. Let’s examine this in greater detail.

  • Why quality control is so important

Quality control is crucial for your company for a number of reasons.

Minimize loss

First and foremost, as a businessperson, your objective is to reduce losses. You might receive low-quality products if quality checks are not done. You will suffer significant losses because you cannot resell subpar goods and you have already paid for the cargo.

Building trust and confidence

Building trust and confidence between a supplier and a buyer is one of the most crucial aspects of doing business. Quality control guarantees that your supplier consistently upholds a high standard of quality, which will strengthen the positive relationships between you and your supplier.

Customer satisfaction

Customers are more likely to like products that have undergone quality control procedures. Your sales and revenue will increase as a result.

Safety issues

The products may contain potential hazards if quality control is not carried out. For instance, improper packaging of chemicals when you purchase them could result in numerous safety concerns.

Ensure productivity

Because there is little time and material waste, quality control ensures that the entire process is efficient and successful.

  • Pre-production inspection

The materials’ quality is examined during pre-production inspection. It is important to verify that they are of good quality, easily accessible, affordable, free of defects, etc. you also need to verify what kinds of production processes the factory uses, and their machinery.

  • Post-production inspection

Post-production inspection entails comparing the finished products to the specifications established before production started. So you will examine the technical specifications as well as the design, color, and finish. In addition, you need to confirm that the goods are functional and free from flaws.

  • Pre-shipment inspection

The type of packaging needed depends on the product. For instance, fragile and perishable items like glassware require extensive packaging with multiple layers of protection. Hazardous chemicals, however, must be carefully packaged to avoid leakage.

In order to ensure pre-shipment quality, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging is of high quality and that the right packaging is used for the products. Additionally, you must confirm that the appropriate shipping method is being applied.

  • Container loading inspection

Last but not least, quality control requires you to verify that containers are loaded correctly, steadily, and in the proper order when the cargo is being loaded onto the carrier.

6. Pay Through Legal Channels And Avoid Illegal Ways To Send Money

Although there are many illegal ways to pay your supplier, you should avoid this practice at all costs if you want to run a successful business. You could end up with legal problems as a result, which would be detrimental.

The lack of a refund mechanism in these methods also puts you at risk for significant losses. Additionally, it might cause the customer to lose faith in you, which could ruin your entire business.

Using another merchant’s identity or making payments using online fraud methods is improper and should be avoided.

Instead, always choose safe, secure, and legal payment methods. Check for escrow payment options like Alibaba Trade Assurance if you’re using an e-commerce site.

The safest and only method that is authorized. Direct cash transfer, bank transfer, and credit card payment are all acceptable methods of payment. Save the transaction history in your registry if payment is made in person.

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7. Using Alibaba Trade Assurance To Deal With The Suppliers

A protection service provided by Alibaba called the Trade Assurance Payment System enables safe payment from the customer to the supplier.

As soon as you place an order, you transfer the money to your supplier’s designated Alibaba bank account. If everything meets your standards for quality and the deadlines you set, Alibaba will then release the payment.

You will receive a refund if the products don’t meet the promised quality or the shipment is delayed.

When interacting with suppliers, it is best for you to choose this service. It is among the top security applications of its kind. You already know that one of the most challenging tasks for buyers is to successfully request a refund, but Alibaba Trade Assurance can assist you and prevent losses.

8. Making Strong And Detailed Contracts With The Suppliers

Making explicit and thorough contracts with your suppliers is among the best business practices. There should be clear guidelines for every aspect of the business.

This should include a list of your needs and demands, including information about payment, payment methods, quality assurance, refund policies, contract length, contract cancellation terms, obligations in the event of damage, and so forth.

To ensure you don’t overlook any crucial details when doing this for the first time, it would be preferable to consult a trustworthy third party who focuses on these contracts.

By establishing these kinds of contracts, you can make sure that every aspect of your business runs smoothly and that you don’t suffer any losses. It will also aid in preventing fraud.

9. Making Sure You Have All The Right Documents For Customs Clearance

The customs clearance process can be time-consuming. It is therefore best for you to be ready in advance to reduce inconvenience. Your imports from China must abide by all legal requirements, laws, and customs department regulations.

To handle this entire process more easily, you can hire a customs broker. The following paperwork is required for clearance:

  • Commercial Invoice

It contains all necessary information about the products you are shipping such as the manufacturer, destination and origin, HTS code, buyer/seller identity, type of packaging, description of products, and shipping information,

  • Packing List

The packing list, which is given by the shipper or freight forwarder, is used by customs to inspect your shipment. Your packing list also includes the details from the previous invoice.

  • Bill of Lading (BOL)

It is the document that the product shipper receives from the carrier. The BOL is required for reimbursement in the event that your cargo is lost, delayed, or damaged. Details about international shipping are provided, along with a tracking number.

  • Arrival Notice 

The carrier will give you notice when they arrive in your country so you can make arrangements for pickup.

10. Using An Expert Freight Forwarder Who Will Handle The Goods Safely

For the safe and timely delivery of your cargo, search for a seasoned freight forwarder. You must once more look into the credentials, history, and employment of the business. For you to choose who you will hire wisely, it is also advisable that you gain a basic understanding of this industry.

Be wary of businesses that offer inaccurate information, promise to complete the task quickly, or are incredibly inexpensive.

Most likely, these businesses are con artists. Rather, go with reputable businesses that offer fair costs and delivery times. To help you make the best choice, don’t be afraid to ask these queries and for more information about the procedure from each shortlisted company.

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Potential Problems When Buying Products From China

Customers will encounter many difficulties when purchasing products made in China. This is brought on by a variety of factors, some of which are listed below.

1. Rumors And Misunderstandings About Made In China

The poor quality of inexpensive Chinese goods is a subject of frequent rumors. Furthermore, there are untrue claims and rumors about products not functioning properly (for instance, mechanical products), delivery delays, or damaged goods.

These are rumors that are spreading about Chinese products. There are countless manufacturers of a single product in China because of its enormous territory. The fact that some manufacturers are better than others and some are worse is only natural. These issues are almost always caused by something that can be fixed. But these falsehoods frequently deter potential buyers.

2. No On-site Visits During Covid-19

Many issues in many fields have been brought on by New Covid-19. When you are outside of China, it is challenging to meet with suppliers and manufacturers because the majority of cross-border flights are shut down.

Buyers are now more hesitant to travel to China as a result of the virus, which is another issue. Consequently, the buyer feels a certain amount of fear.

However, there is very little chance that food and packaging imported from China could be coronavirus-contaminated. This is due to the law’s requirement that exporters adhere to proper controls during packaging and transportation to ensure good hygiene. Therefore, during the coronavirus, it is safe to make purchases from China.

3. Language Barriers With Suppliers When Purchasing Products From China

Chinese is typically not a language that is spoken by most buyers outside of China, and some Chinese suppliers may not speak other languages, like English. This indicates that there is a communication gap between buyers and suppliers due to language.

This is a significant issue because effective communication between the two parties is essential to the import business. Communication is necessary regarding the product’s cost, quality, quantity, and manufacturing information. There will be issues if this information is presented incorrectly.

As an illustration, imagine that you instruct your Chinese supplier to send 1,000 boxes of toys of a particular caliber. The supplier did not comprehend your order if there is a language barrier. You will believe the Chinese supplier is unreliable if they later send you 1,000 toys. Even though the supplier is not to blame, the thought will stick and you won’t be as willing to place another order.

4. Difficult To Find Trustworthy Suppliers To Order Products From China

The Chinese market is saturated with suppliers. In this industry, there are many reliable suppliers, but it takes some investigation to identify one, and there are also lots of suppliers who offer subpar goods. Credentials, past transactions, and customer satisfaction must all be verified.

In order to place the order in China, you must either find a Chinese supplier who can accept orders in English and understand it, or work with a purchasing agent like supply sourcing.

5. Time Zone Differences Make Communication A Big Problem

The difference between day and night is at most 14 hours in time between the United States and China. This makes it challenging for suppliers and customers to communicate. Only a brief time frame is practical, and the order can be discussed between the two parties.

There is a 12-hour time difference, for instance, if the supplier is in Beijing and you are in New York. As a result, one of you will need to speak at an inconvenient time. Customers do not want to purchase from China as a result of this significant problem.


Purchasing Chinese goods is difficult for a variety of reasons, including misunderstandings, language barriers, and health worries about COVID-19.

There are a few things to keep in mind. Deal only with reputable manufacturers and sellers, first. Second, stay away from low cost; whether it be in the manufacturing process, the cost of the product, the supplier’s information, or the low cost of transportation, these are typically red flags for fraud.

Pay close attention to some warning signs as well, such as inaccurate information on the business’ website, incredibly fast delivery, and newly founded supply companies.

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